Implementing Txn hash and easier way to add tokens to wallet

Are you guys going to implement transaction hash so it can be opened inside wallet (like in metamask)?
Also some easier way to add tokens so that they can be seen inside wallet?

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It would sure be nice if they did. I just installed the brave wallet a few days ago. I just swapped VeChain (VET) into my wallet and it won’t show up. I added it as a custom asset. Still nothing. I have the successful transaction hash, but I have an invisible $85 worth of VET somewhere that I can’t do anything with… this was my 2nd (and last) transaction using this “wallet.” Getting the Exodus wallet most likely.

You can click on the asset or account to see a list of transactions for it. We’re planning to move that into the panel though soon

cool. didn’t know that. but also easier method for adding assets so they can be seen in the wallet panel.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Someone is working on that today.

Cool! I have a feeling that this will be the best crypto wallet out there :slight_smile:

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I have that feeling too :wink:

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