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Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Macbook Air 13" (2020) and Macbook Air 15" (2023).
  2. When enabling Immersive Fullscreen Toolbar, there is an area directly beneath the tool bar that does not permit clicking on webpage items. It’s a thin area but any websites that have clickable items directly in this area cannot be selected with the mouse. For example, the attached screen capture (link below) shows from when I hover my mouse over the “Returns & Orders” button, I am unable to click the link. However, if I move my mouse towards the perimeter of the clickable items, my mouse appears and I can click it. Amazon is just an example. This issue happens on all websites with clickable items directly below the toolbar.


Expected result:
Buttons/Hyperlinks should be clickable anywhere within the designated area, not just the outer edges. This issue does not present itself when using Immersive FullScreen Toolbar on Chrome.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.52.129 Chromium: 114.0.5735.198 (Official Build) (arm64)

Using the same steps to reproduce, I do not see this issue on my end on my macOS. I’m able to click (using your example) the Returns & Orders button anywhere on the button. It could be specific to the Macbook Air devices but that seems unlikely.

I can ask a couple team members about this but this will be hard to resolve if we are unable to reproduce it. Do you have any extensions installed, custom themes or anything else that may have an effect like this?

I tried on two different Macbook Air machines (13" and the new 15") and experienced the same behavior. Again, I enabled the “Immersive Fullscreen Toolbar” via brave://flags which is the layout I prefer to prevent the whole page ‘jumping down’ when my mouse reaches the top of the window. This issue only presents itself in Brave, and not Google Chrome so I’ve isolated it to a Brave bug of some kind. The only extension I have installed is Bitwarden password manager, but I can confirm the issue is experienced without this extension. It also occurs whether or not I have the Bookmarks Toolbar enabled.

So a couple of things here.
First, its worth nothing that any flag enabled is by nature experimental and subject to bugs/issues — this is why these features are hidden behind flags. As such, there is not a ton we can do to resolve these, considering (most) of them are implemented and managed by the Chromium engine/team and not Brave.

Further, when I was initially testing, I didn’t realize you were using this specific flag — I assumed you were just in the fullscreen mode in the browser. So after enabling the flag and going into fullscreen, I do see the issue…sort of. On my end (again, using your example), the “click” icon appears as expected except when I drag the mouse down from the top — and even then, a little jiggle will bring it back. I’ve recorded the behavior I see on my end below:

Got it. Yes, the issue definitely seems more pronounced on my machines. I understand the Immersive Fullscreen Toolbar is an experimental feature but I at least wanted to bring it to the attention of developers since this is not experienced in other chromium based browsers. I keep it enabled as the ‘jumpy’ page nature drives me nuts whenever the toolbar is hovered over in disabled mode. Thanks for the replies!

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I’ll let our devs know either way — thank you for reporting.

Have a wonderful day.

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