Immersive tab crashes browser when entering Full screen MacOS

While looking for a solution for the hidden tool/url bar when entering full screen, I saw that you can set the the #enable-immersive-fullscreen-toolbar flag. After enabling it, when I enter full screen, Brave crashes.

System info:
Model: MacBookPro 16"
CPU: M2 pro
OS: Ventura 13.3.1
Mem: 32GB

@araniSAN keep in mind things found in flags aren’t always active or meant to work. Some if it is experimental features, some are just still “there” from chromium but has no impact on Brave, etc. To my knowledge, immersive fullscreen has never worked on Brave. I am saying that because of topics like Immersive Fullscreen Toolbar and comments in the post over at

What I’ll ask you for the moment is if things work well if you no longer keep that flag active. If so, that’s your solution for now.

In the meanwhile, I will go ahead to ask @Mattches if he knows any more on this and if there are any plans to build on it for people, since it’s been something that people have kind of been wanting for years now.

Just to confirm I’m understanding the ask here — the request is to hide tabs/bookmarks bar/all elements on screen when users enter fullscreen mode until needed (initiated by perhaps moving the mouse to the top of the screen)?

If so, this is one of those issues that would require Brave to work on, create, implement and then subsequently upkeep it separately for each Chromium update. I would say our devs will want to wait for this to be implemented upstream instead but I’m going to ask about it either way.

If you can, can you please disable the flag, then go to brave://crashes and share any crash report IDs here with me so that we can look closer at the flag causing the browser to crash and see if it’s something we can address on our end?

Thank you

Also, I feel dumb. This doesn’t exist in the current iteration of Brave. Which version of Brave are you using?

Forgot to mention — I did go ahead and open an issue for this just to see if our devs want to try and resolve the issue on our end:

@Saoiray, below is the version I am using atm.
Current Version: 1.56.9

@Mattches, this is to just show the URL when in Mac full screen. It disappears when in full screen and when I create a new tab, the url isn’t in focus so I cannot type where I want to go to. In order to for me to do that I have to exit full screen type it in and then enter full screen again. I just stopped using fullscreen for the mean time. I am currently using vertical tabs so I really don’t care much for bookmarks, but all navigation is gone.

here are the report ids:

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