iMac Brave Protonmail Notifications Alert

I have an iMac, Brave, Protonmail and notifications are not working correctly.
In the Brave/Settings I have allowed notifications for Protonmail.
In the iMac/System Preferences/Notifications/Brave I have set ‘Alert’.
When I receive an email a banner appears on the top right of the desktop for 4 seconds and then disappears - this is a ‘Banner’ notification as defined by iMac/System Preferences/Notifications. ‘Alert’ notifications are different in that they remain on the screen until manually removed.

Brave is based on Chromium. The Dissenter Browser is also based on Chromium.
I have set the Dissenter Browser up the exact same way - and notifications work correctly (Alerts stay on the screen). I have noticed that within the iMac/System Preferences/Notifications that Dissenter has two slots while Brave has only one slot. Google’s Chrome has 2 notification slots as well. Perhaps that is a clue as to Brave’s problem.

Can anyone help? Thank you

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