Unusable new upgrade

I do appreciate that when the recent Google-clone update occurred that the previous real version of Brave was not overwritten, but maintained.

The one improved feature that is really, really appreciated about the new version is in greatly improve PRINT dialog window with the opportunity to customize and adjust when printing pages from the browser.

BUT – unfortunately, the new version is completely, completely unusable for us in our business BECAUSE:

  1. there is no way to turn on the MENU BAR at the top of the browser window – which we must have for various reasons (If there is a way, you have it well hidden, and I have not yet been initiated into the secret esoteric knowledge of how and where to find it.),
  2. and, related to that, there is no way to OPEN A FILE in the browser. Normally, this could be done from the MENU BAR File tab at the top. FireFox has the OPEN FILE command in the drop down features menu.

This mean for us that in order to use Brave at all, we must use the old version – which has been so helpful and transformative for us in so many ways, particularly the speed – and the blocking of ad/tracker spyware that was constantly causing our e-mail reading to lock up Firefox, which we were previously using. Brave eliminated that issue for us.

One other feedback issue – since that update, either/both version are taking an inordinately long time to load. It may be fast loading actual web pages, but the browser itself is taking WAY too long to load.

Amen. Tiresome nonsense. And moving the TABS to an unnatural location… This is “the creatives know better than you do” license run amok. If the designer wants to argue for an OPTION then enable configuration options. Otherwise, back to FIREFOX.