IDM extension suddenly disabled in Brave

Hello … I’m wondering if any members here having the same situation.
I’ve been using Brave browser for 2 - 3 years with IDM extension normally fine. A few days ago, the IDM extension was suddenly turned off by itself and couldn’t be turned back on anymore even I had tried removing it from Brave and re-add it back again. There is a notice saying that IDM extension is not listed on Chrome Store anymore but the fact is that I can still run this extension in Chrome Browser as usual right now. I’d like to keep using Brave as my default browser but can’t browse without IDM extension. Can anyone tell me what’s happening ? How can I solve the problem ? Or … is it the Brave development team doing something about IDM extension which I know nothing about ?
Thx for your kind concern about the matter ?

What do you mean here?

Also, it looks like IDM was indeed removed from the Chrome extension store. Any idea why? Maybe it is malicious?

Is there some other way of achieving your goals? Sideloading extensions tends to carry great risk.

So sorry for not expressing correctly by saying “can’t browse without IDM extension” …
Anyway, you’re right. There is really a way solving the problem, at least temporarily by the link below …

Thanks again for the concern and suggestion.

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