Cannot add the IDM extension to the Brave

I want to add the Internet Download Manager extension to Brave just as I added it into the chrome browser. It helps downloading big files and is easy to resume any download in it. I tried adding the extension through Chrome store but it isn’t available there anymore. So you can drag and drop the extension file from IDM setup on the extension menu in Chrome and it gets attached but unlike chrome its not happening in Brave.

When you try to drag and drop the IDM extension file its unrecognised by the Brave browser, on the other hand Chrome successfully runs the IDM extension.

  1. IDM extension is not available on chrome store
  2. Dragging and dropping the extension file is not working
  3. Extension was once available on windows Store but they removed it from there too

I expect the extension to be installed on Brave when I drag and drop the extension file. Just like it does in Google Chrome

Latest Brave desktop browser on windows 8.1

It never worked on any Brave versions.

Hi @Hood,
Can you try going to brave://extensions/, turn on developer mode, and then load unpacked extension.

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