I'd like to be able to hide the shield icon in the address bar on mobile, and customize the colors to a high degree

I think that having the ability to hide the Brave shields icon in the address bar on mobile would go a long way to making it feel like the “standard” browser that people should use (an advantage Google has w/Chrome and its search engine), since having branding/iconography on it makes it feel gimmicky. I’m not going to forget to recommend Brave or that I have the shields on just because I’m not looking at the logo all of the time. We know the brand, and we can turn it on when screenshotting something if we want the brand logo to be seen in an illustration.

That and the color point are important to me, and others. It seems that the goal of Brave is to ensure that the user is respected, that the user is given control and agency in lieu of the brand or advertisers. Providing these simple options would be a way to promote that. I’ve seen such requests on these fall on deaf ears or be summarily rejected, thus far, and I think that’s a mistake.