I want to pay for VPN but is not going on my card

I want to pay for VPN but is not going with my card on play store

Hi and welcome to the community. Sorry for the delay, I guess your topic was overlooked.

If you are still having problems, I think you will need to contact Google Play support and see why your card is not being accepted. Google Play handles payment services, not Brave. If I misunderstood your issue, please post an update with more detail.

That being said, I am moving your topic to the Browser Support/Firewall + VPN category which is a more appropriate category. If you are still having issues, you are more likely to get support help from support personnel who monitor the Brave Firewall +VPN category.

Please Note: Community member had Android tag but that is not an available option in the Firewall + VPN category.

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It would also be helpful to have more information to see if there is anything that can be done on our end. What happens when you try to use your card? Are there any errors? Have you been able. to use this same card in the past for other subscription services?

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