I can't pay for VPN as it rejects my options

I am trying to pay for VPN on an Android Samsung TAB a8 but it says Paypal is unavailable and an alternative credit card is denied but both Paypal and the card company say everything is fine on their end. Would someone please tell me how to fix this? (Paypal sees the new Google link but is not receiving pay requests.) I just charged something else to that card any the card is fine. Paypal rechecked and verified that the google account is active and there are no issues on their end. Guess I won’t have a Brave VPN after all.

Not sure. @GuardianTeam could you guys have a look?

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Hey there,

payments should be handled entirely through Google as part of the Google Play subscription system. We are not involved in actually processing the payment (facilitate or acknowledge the movement on money) in this case.
I would recommend getting in touch with Google Play support. Please excuse that we can’t be more helpful to you with this problem

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