I want a WHITE LIST for sites I want completely free of censorship

Suddenly today I have a persistent problem with one site, even though I turned off the Brave Shields for it.

It says “Your connection is not private”. I don’t care.

Then I have to click “Advanced” and “Proceed to infogalactic.com (unsafe)(allegedly), and then resubmit whatever is in the cache.

3 more clicks!

There’s no reason why InfoGalactic should be censored other than for political suppression. Next I expect we’ll have to jump through hoops for WikiSpooks and Everipedia too.


This is not the first time - but it’s the first time on a site I plan to use a lot. Last time I looked for a white list and found none.

I want a white list for sites I completely and utterly trust (certainly more than Brave) - or the ability to properly turn off the Brave Sheilds and/or whatever is dogging me now.

~ Jason

The connection to the server isn’t secure, the webmasters aren’t using https which is why you’re getting this warning. If infogalactic.com secured the site (which every site should do), then no more warnings.

I agree every site should do that.

I still want an exemption. How can I work around it without the extra 3 clicks?

Looked into it further, its because they’re implementing really old cert protocols and cyphers (Disabling SSL3/TLS1.0 would be a good start)


You can’t whitelist this, needs to be fixed on their side.

#edit, the cert also expired.

Thanks for the info. Still seems lame that I can’t even do a work around in my own browser.

Just let the owner his cert has expired, once its fixed everything will be working. If you care about security, simply whitelisting these messages would be bad, especially if the site was compromised. (btw, not saying infogalatic.com was compromised)

This a good warning sign, not to ignore.

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