I still haven't received the February 7 rewards. This is normal?

Good afternoon everyone,
I have a verified wallet at uphold and linked to the brave one of my cell phones (android system), however, it’s February 10th and payment has not yet been made. This is normal? Are some uphold wallets still unpaid?

Uphold ID: ecf3ba10-ddf4-4e4d-bcab-13f5afd7b1f3



Hi brother! the same thing happens to me, I’m hoping they fix this bug and pay us as soon as possible, although a note has already been sent out from them in which they apologize for the delay and say that they will compensate us for the inconvenience. so I am wait for that too


This is totally normal, guys. It takes time to process Bat payments, also, uphold is SLOW in this aspect too. You also have to consider the fact that at the start of this year, Bat was doing superb in its price, so these past months the userbase of brave increased. Last month we got a lot of problems with payments so all we can do is wait, the seventh of each month is just when the staff starts processing payments, not when they finish doing so.

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Please follow this thread for updates regarding February payments - Ads Payout Status Update.

Thank you for your patience!