I received an response email from brave software and I don't understand it

What does it mean by “no grant"

@steeven @Mattches

@justsomeone1 guy, do u know what this means?

@steeven what does it mean ? No grant setting .

sorry idk any thing about publisher account

It means that your account status is currently set to No grants. It will remain in that state unless you submit a no-grants appeal. You can do this directly from your Creators dashboard.

Why is it in no grant in the first Instance?

What will the no grant appeal look like coz I’m confused

You’ll need to follow the follow these steps link in your dashboard here:

I’ve done that weeks ago so I’m surprised why I received email saying no grant

As we get a very high volume of tickets every month, it may take some time for your case to be reviewed. That said, we tend to have these done by the end of each month so please exercise patience and you should receive a verdict soon.

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