Brave creators suspended BAT

the letter from brave
"Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, after reviewing your information, we have rejected your appeal to remove the “no grants” restriction on your account.

Please note that you will still be able to earn BAT from the referral program and from BAT tips that are not sourced by grants."
But will they give me BAT they i have already collected?

They just make us fool same message i am also get worst team i never seen

Can you explain what “grants” are you talking about?

probably that means all BAT contributions that i received

i just want my BAT back

in fact, I haven’t gotten a publisher payout in the last couple of months either. @steeven DM me that everything will be in September. we’ll see.

It was suspended? or you didn’t received BAT for other reason?

I have not received any messages or emails stating that my account was suspended. But I don’t know the exact reason.

there is still a lot of work to do for brave team

Quien sabe si a alguien le han aprovado la apelacion y a recuperado sus bat una ves se las suspenden?

Tengo el mismo problema este mes, cosas de la autodonación.

Es necesario saber como hacer para que lo aprueben porque la mayoria de las veces lo rechazan

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