I receive only 1.5 bat rewards for 525 ads please help refund

hello all this month i have had many bugs so i don t know i this month i receive something and now i received only 1.5 bat for ads because last month i received only 3.5 bat for approximatly 600 ads and this month the same this is my latest screenshot take 28 june! steeven refund me bat for last month but this month i don t know i received just 1.5 bat it s for this
please help me
look all my screenshot

after each bug my rewards pending reset
look this one

and this my last screenshot of the month i take 28 june but at the end i had 525 ads approximatly

Did you check if you were already paid on your Uphold wallet? Once you are paid, the estimated BAT earnings on the browser are reset, of course.

If not, then I think you will need to send a screenshot of your brave://rewards-internals to @steeven so he can take a look at this case.

Closed as duplicate of MEGATHREAD: July 5th, 2020 Brave Ads Payout Support