I need block all HTTP connection, "HTTPS everywhere" is not helpful

I need to encrypt all connections to keep the process safe, HSTS list is not positive enough.


I think you can install a chrome extension called HTTPSEVERYWHERE and has the option to disable unencrypted connections(HTTP). If it’s unable to through brave you may have to get the extension. It works great by the way, I have used it on Firefox before.

As far as I know, no iOS browser currently supports extensions, I’m glad to see that Brave Browser supports “HTTPS everywhere”, However that is just forcing encryption based on the HSTS list, this does not guarantee that all connections are via HTTPS ports.
If Brave Browser can provide settings “force encryption”, I think it is best.

Yes, same with android doesn’t support extensions currently. I do agree with you I wish there was more control for advanced users to alter the shield settings more.

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Just to make sure I understand. You do not want websites to not load if they do not support HTTPS? It is really up the websites to provide ssls / encryption for their connections. We cannot just connect to any server via HTTPS, if it isn’t available.

Hi Joel, Yes, if the website does not support HTTPS, I hope it stops loading. In certain situations, such as using financial services or entering credit card information, I want to make sure that the connection is over HTTPS.
BTW, this is just a special mode, it is enabled when needed.