I lost all the BATS I had, what can I do. Perdi todos los BATS que tenia, que puedo hacer?

An hour ago I had 4,240 BATS but now I have my balance at 0, what happened? who can I turn to?

Hace una hora tenia 4.240 BATS pero ahora tengo mi saldo en 0, que paso? a quien puedo recurrir?

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You haven’t lost them. It’s just the monthly reset of the display. The Brave clock (whatever time zone that is) just rolled over to 1 August, and all of the July rewards have been taken out of the “Current earnings this month”. We should be seeing another line above that which shows how much will be added to our Brave Rewards wallets in the upcoming payout, but for some reason that message isn’t showing up.

Thanks for reaching out. Please see this post which explains the recent update to our ‘Estimated Pending Rewards’ - Update: New and improved “Estimated pending rewards” (Brave Ads earnings) counter coming in v1.27.

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