How to restore my BAT

How to restore my BAT after uninstall BRAVE on android ?

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If your wallet was verified when you uninstalled, your BAT is still in Uphold. All you need to do is reinstall and verify your new wallet with the same Uphold account you did before, then your BAT will appear in your browser wallet.

If you did not verify and have already uninstalled the browser, then unfortunately your BAT is unrecoverable.


i used my old recovery key to restore my bat but the balance was gone

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Please open your own thread and include as much detail as possible about your issue and someone will be happy to assist you.

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No, but this cryptocurrency innovation via the browser is still too unstable. Because on mobile it was impossible for me to check the uphold wallet on mobile. On Windows I could. So I lost my BAT, I received advertising for nothing in the end. Really it’s a shame because the intention is good but on mobile it is to be reviewed. Today not possible sync m’y uphold wallet on brave mobile

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Y’all really telling me that I cant restore my BAT with my RECOVERY KEY? Let me post what my brave_wallet_recovery.txt says from when I created it.

"Brave Wallet Recovery Key
Date created: 6/13/2019

Recovery Key: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Note: This key is not stored on Brave servers. This key is your only method of recovering your Brave wallet. Save this key in a safe place, separate from your Brave browser. Make sure you keep this key private, or else your wallet will be compromised."

like really? doesn’t restore my BAT? whats the point. I stop using it for a bit and its just gone? Nice one.

does this apply to estimated earnings?

did you find a way to get the BAT back now?

Nightly not happening. I have 500plus BAT lost and set my ads for 5 an hour. I get maybe 1 an hour. You guys really need to sort this out ASAP. It is very annoying for all of us!

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