Please build a brave browser for Android Tv

Dear Brave term
Iam an Brave user for Android and i like your app and use in my daily life and day to day
And i love it but my (Android TV) does not have (Brave browser) and i can’t use it on my Tv and the default browser is very bad and so annoying so please make a (brave browser for Android Tv also) as soon as possible

Thank you

+1 I was only thinking that a few weeks ago! :+1:

Hi Team Brave,
Would you mind splitting the app building Team? On half working on the Android TVapp the other team working on Brave for Roku TV?
You do? Thanks you are the best :wink:

Hey all. Just a FYI, this has been brought up in the past and it has been said they don’t have any plans or intent for this. I still bring it up in regards to them making something that would be available for Chromecast, Roku, FireTv, etc and we also have requested perhaps versions of Brave that could work with consoles like PlayStation or Xbox. Heck, I’ve even asked them if they’d be looking into trying to make content that would be available on things like Quest or other VR headsets.

Yet, as said earlier, they keep mentioning no current intentions to do anything like that. It’s always a possibility for the future, but no roadmap. And yes, they have looked at prototypes and considered, but just not plausible right now. Basically, not enough demand and they are kind of limited on staff and funds for projects.

And no, breaking the team up wouldn’t make sense either. Current teams are still struggling to fix issues, implement new features, etc.

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What I wrote about breaking up the team was meant to be a joke :wink: A Roku Brave app might not be a good idea anyway. Apps need to loose a lot of features before they can run on Roku OS.

The Geek-Fu is strong in Brave’s workforce. Brave might be the best Browser available one day. Ditching all this crypto and token nonsense and concentrate on the browser Brave could be No 1 browser already