I never received my July BATS

I never received my July BATS. Until the 7th of august, it appeared that I would receive 3.245 BATS in day 7. And after that, nothing happened.
I waited, because people told me it could take a week to finish the payments, and after that nothing happened to.
I tried to talk to a dev guy on Messages and he stops answer me.

What should I do? If I don’t receive this BATS without explications, so I will have to uninstall this browser.

My account is unverified, and I don’t have an Uphold account because it has to have at least 15 BATS to create the account.

I hope someone can help me.

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*Hello! *
You can register for Uphold but for it to qualify it needs what you have just said,for your problem ,may you please try to address your issue to Brave Rewards or Rewards Support and see if there might be a solution.

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