I have BAT that need to redeemed but can't do it

I have an issue with my BAT rewards. When it came the time to redeem my BAT rewards and transfer them to my Gemini account I did what I usually do, click in the BAT icon for rewards on Brave (I have nightly, last version 1.46.41) it asks me again for my country. When I select my country (United States) it gives me an error saying:
" Something went wrong

It looks like a country has already been set. You can contact support for help.',"
But the link for contact support doesn’t work, and it goes back to the “select country” part not allowing me to really get to either my account from the icon or tip anybody. Has anyone encountered that issue?

This is the link to support

Your issue has been already mentioned in another post. Apparently there will be a fix for the issue soon.

Thanks, I couldn’t find the question somewhere else

Hey. The issue has been fixed according to @Mattches

The above is the post where he mentioned. Update your Brave Nightly and now it should be working.

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