I have a verified Gemini wallet, but have not received my October payment of September-earned BAT rewards

I have been consistently receiving my BAT rewards (airdrops) by the 10th or 11th day of every month. However, as of this date of October 18th, I have not yet received my September-earned BAT rewards.

Is there a delay in BAT payments in October? According to the “Brave Ads Payout status” update, payments should already be complete for Verified Gemini wallets. However, I have not received my September-earned BAT reward payment in October.

My Brave browser is up-to-date and my verified Gemini account is actively linked in the browser. I also have a screenshot of my September BAT rewards confirmation and payout amount (as it was displayed in the Brave Rewards icon of the browser).

Your response and assistance in addressing my BAT rewards issue is appreciated.

Hey! We’re happy to look into this for you. Could you submit your issue here?


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