I double spending on Brave Search Premium, should my renew date extended?


  • I’ve subscribed to Brave Search Premium on December 25.

  • Then, I canceled auto-renew as I want to try Premium just for one month.

  • on December 28, I log in to Brave Search Premium on my iOS device. It asks me to subscribe again. I first thought that it will read my previous subscription and restore it.

  • Unfortunately, I charged me again. so I paid twice on December 25 and December 28.

  • But my plan to renew on Stripe is still January 28, It should be extended, isn’t it? as I paid twice.

Thanks for helping :slight_smile:

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Thank you for reaching out – I’ve let the appropriate team members know about this and should have some answers for you soon. Appreciate your patience.

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Brave team resolved my issue, thanks for helping :laughing:

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You’re very welcome.