About brave support

I have a few question but when i am talking about these question, no body answer me. Please help me. @eljuno

You are right, the support is very poor

You asked the same question a lot of times. What you see on your rewards tab are just ESTIMATED rewards. Those are buggy sometimes. In the end we all receive what we earned so just wait, it’s only like 4 days.

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I think you could not understand what i said.I told that, my ads rewards disappeared from ads estimated pending reward and this payment date also changed from 6 jun to 6 july. And my auto contribute date also changed from 12 jun to 12 july.
You wanted to tell me that, i have to wait for 4 days right? But my ads payment date changed to 6 july.
Please see attached file.

Check if your system time is set correctly to today’s date. If it is, I would still suggest that you wait at least until the 7th of June to see if you get paid.

Yes my system date is correct to today’s date. So, I am waiting still 7 jun by your suggestion.Thank you.

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No need to thank me, I didn’t really do anything^^. It’s still appreciated. I hope it works for you.

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