I don't want Uphold!

I have posted this question for five times, and I never even see it appear on the forums. I don’t want to use apple because she’s painfully expensive to withdraw. So what can I do to get somebody’s attention so that this is put out there so I can get an answer? It drives me nuts that there’s no actual support, you got to come here and post and then it might not ever even get posted. I would very much like an answer this time please.

Can you share some more specific details?

Your post sounds like you are frustrated, but your concern is not very clear.

If I get it right, you want to verify a custodian, but you do not want to use uphold. And on android there is no Gemini or wallet backup(like on iphone).

So you are asking for implementation of another custodian for android like gemini for example.
Am I right?

Just realised this was a necro from may. :smiley: Nothing changed but I doubt Jeremy is still actively following this thread :smiley: