I cant recive my money on gemini and uphold disconected disconnected account without having 4 devices

I’m having a lot of headaches with you guys. All of a sudden my wallet with Uphold got disconnected and I don’t use more than 4 devices, only mobile and desktop. So you suggest Gemini to me, congratulations, they have no way of withdrawing the money, there is no way to paypal, and the banks I tried with brokers here in Brazil that receive money from North American banks, I can’t do it either, and I’m standing there with my money. This is without considering that at Gemini it took 6 days to say that my documents were not approved, and when I sent my passport, it resolved. That’s what they ask for other types.
Now how do I get my money? Because it’s not just Gemini’s fault, if she’s here to bond, you have a part in that too.

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