I dont get any notifications with ads by brave browser

Or are these notifications still windows notifications?
I’m just curious. I’m happy that I’m getting ads now!

Thank you so so much, i spent so much time on troubleshooting and googling :smiley:

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You are welcome. :smiley: Just passed it along from Brave support and other community members otherwise I wouldn’t have a clue. :wink:

No idea on these questions. I think those flags in general are a combination of features from Chrome that are not activated in Brave, or are experimental, or are older Chrome features that no longer have an active use in the Chrome release. Maybe a community member who knows about flags in Chrome and Brave could provide more information.

I did have that enabled at one point when I first started using Brave and was running into problems receiving notifications. I disabled (changed to default) them after a couple releases and continued to receive notifications just fine. If you want, you could try that yourself. I think Brave is constantly updating and improving the browser especially backend work that users never know about. So notifications may work for you without those flags enabled at some point.

P.S. Might want to check your post above (post #20) as the solution so other community members and the moderators know your issue is solved. Really helps. :smiley:

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Thank you again, Chocoholic! Ads are still working correctly.
Your solution, enabling push notifications in brave://flags works fine.

I enabled:
“Enable Brave Ads custom push notifications”


“Allow Brave Ads to fallback from native to custom push notifications”

I marked your answer as solution.

Maybe i will try to disable that two flags sometime, maybe it is going to work without enabling these 2 flags.

But it is working for now and im happy. Thank you agein!

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