I don´t see the Leo IA button

Hello everyone, good evening, do you know where I can find the button for Leo’s AI, I already updated to versión 1.60.110 and I don´t see it :frowning:

Thanks for writing in. It’s currently rolled out to 20% of users - Release Channel 1.60.110 .

  • Added Brave Leo - AI for questions and answers leveraging page context and integrated into the sidebar (being rolled out in phases using Griffin starting at 20%). (#34044 ).
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@Veteran_Anon a lot of new features are activated in a “rolled out” stage as Steeven just replied to you with. That said, you can go to brave://flags and enable Brave AI chat.

This will then add the button on your sidebar.

Thanks @Saoiray, forgot to include the flag.

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