Ask Leo does not show up in address bar or sidebar

Leo is supposedly available. I’ve updated my Brave to the latest but Ask Leo does not show up as an option when I type into the address bar and the icon is not in the sidebar.

I’ve checked for settings and can’t find any settings related to Leo.

From what I can tell, this feature is supposed to be available to all. Is that not ture?

Thanks for writing in. It’s currently rolled out to 20% of users - Release Channel 1.60.110 .

  • Added Brave Leo - AI for questions and answers leveraging page context and integrated into the sidebar (being rolled out in phases using Griffin starting at 20%). (#34044 ).

Thanks for the clarification Steeven.

I didn’t see that stated. My mistake.

@meagermind I forgot to mention that you can enable it manually by going to brave://flags and enabling Brave AI chat.

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Hi again Steeven.

'Brave AI chat’ doesn’t appear on brave://flags for me.

There are no instances of ‘chat’ at all. … or ‘ai’ for that matter.

I did check for this before sending my initial message.


It does show up on mine.

@meagermind can you confirm that you’re on 1.60.110?

Hi Steeven.

I assumed I was up to date as there was no ‘Update’ indicator in the top right of the browser.

I was indeed not on 1.60.110. I am now and Brave AI is there.

Thanks for your time and insight.

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@meagermind thanks for checking, glad that solved it!!

Strangely I have Leo on one device but not on another device. The system is 1.60.110 on both devices (macbook and iMac) - the iMac is not showing Leo at all despite being synced. What is the issue?

Ok you can ignore this - searching in brave://flags for ‘chat’ brought it up and is now enabled. Unsure why it was disabled by default.

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Ask Leo does not appear in the suggestions, but is in the sidebar.
brave://flags ai chat is default enabled.
Brave is up to date.
Version 1.60.118 Chromium: 119.0.6045.163 (Official Build) (64-bit)

My search term is:
python program count to 10

The sidebar is not ideal as its narrow.
Is there a way to ask leo on the main screen as a workaround?

ok, it now appears in the suggestions.
Is there a way to ask leo on the main screen?

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