How to activate Brave Leo?

Description of the issue:

No asterisk thingie in the sidebar, how do I activate Brave Leo?
(disregard tags - desktop PC, windows 10)

Expected result:

Chat with Brave Leo.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Version 1.60.110 Chromium: 119.0.6045.105 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Only now having found there is a sidebar, I do not see the asterisk inside a circle as described in and the video therein.

Can someone please explain? Thank you!

Carla Gomes


Is anyone going to answer this? I have the same problem and can’t see it in the sidebar or see the icon when typing in the address bar.

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Hi Carla

Since no one seems to want to answer this question I happened to search through the community about other users not being able to use Leo. I found this solution to activate it:

  1. Type this in your address bar: brave://flags/#brave-ai-chat
  2. Activate Brave AI chat (Notice that this says it’s an experimental feature, even though they have said it’s ready for all users of version 1.60 on desktop, so I am not sure what can happen)
  3. They say it’s being rolled out over the next few days from Nov. 2. - I’m not sure how long a few days are to Brave, but I’d say 7 days is more than that, and without an update saying that the feature is delayed I have to guess they either don’t care about informing us or haven’t rolled it out to everyone for some reason.

I hope this helps

Thank you! I will try and let you know!

It seems that flag is already enabled…

I have Leo!
I typed * at the adress bar and lo&behold I had the option!
I now have it on the sidebar, with a button to Begin!
Thank you!

That’s great news. Seems you have access to more than me then. I still can’t access it in my adress bar unfortunately.

Maybe they are slowly rolling it out, and it will come to you. Keep trying - just type * at the address bar on a New Tab - it worked for me, and had my first chat with Leo!
Thank you for your help! All the best!

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