I didn't receive my complete payout till 8th Aug

I had earned 48 BAT for month august from 4 brave reward account connected to single uphold account so collectively it was around 48 BAT. But i received only 6.13643 BAT in batch of 3 payout (0.80+0.45+4.87). Also I’m attaching last screenshots taken on 27 July, from all 4 wallet.


Edit(9th Aug): I received payout of 32.52875 BAT so now i received total of around 38 BAT n still 10 BAT r missing.


I didn’t recieve mine too it’s been tree months in a row being paid short amount …last month it was 1.6 then this month I got 0.3 out of 10.9 BAT
This is ridiculous please can you assist

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