I didn't receive February, March and April rewards

Dear Support.
Dear Support.
Caro Suporte.
Dear supporter.
Caro apoiador.

All good?
My name is Pedro Henrique, I live in Brazil.
I’ve been using Brave’s reward system for a long time, but
I come to inform you that I did not receive the rewards for January, February, March and April 2023. The date 7 just changed months. I remember that in the month of April there were more than 60 ads accumulated.
Could you be so kind to help me?

My email is: pedrohmacedo@gmail.com

Hello! Are you currently verified with one of our partner custodians?

If I don’t have an Uphold account to connect with brave, will the rewards be paid?

@tdtmod no. You only earn if you are connected to a custodial partner. https://brave.com/rewards-changes/

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