I did not receive last two months payments

I did not receive my April and May payments. A friend of mine got payout for 2 months, but I didn’t get two months either.
It stays that payment is on the way and then disappears by itself.

same here bro. i havent found solution for this yet. i created ssupport ticket also.

Same with me! I haven’t received my last month’s payment and it looks like I won’t receive this month’s either.

There is no issue with ads; I can see them. The wallet is connected to Gemini.

For me the arriving message has finally gone away (after midnight here) but there was no payment to uphold. So the bat is just gone I guess.

EDIT: Maybe I should just reset/re-install at this point and hope that fixes it for next month.

No it is not going to work

If u have not received then u will not receive it anymore now

But some people are getting.

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