What release of Brave for an old android?

Here is a Q that I have not been able to find an answer for, neither on the forums, nor in the Github wikis…

I have some very old androids on which I would like to use Brave. But I am having trouble finding a compatible older version. I see that older releases can be downloaded from Github, but the problem is which version? There don’t seem to be any clues in release notes etc.

Was there ever any version that would run on Jellybean? If so which was the newest compatible one?

Was there ever a version that would run on Ice Cream Sandwich? If so, which?

I’m guessing that FroYo is so old as to be totally hopeless but would love to be told otherwise…

Thanks much!

In case anyone else has the same question, I finally found a version that works on Jellybean. Sadly it is not available on Github. I had to get it on another site:

I never did find anything for Ice Cream Sandwich, nor FroYo.

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