I can't connect my Uphold with my Brave Browser

Hello, when I want to connect my Uphold account to the Brave Browser I use, I get the error “Brave Rewards country does not match custodial account country”. While the region is Turkey in my Uphold wallet, it appears as CA in my browser. (brave://rewards-internals/)
How can I solve the problem, how can I set my browser to TR?

@bahadircinar For it to appear CA in your browser, it means you chose a country other than your own. Why you did this, I do not know.

Unfortunately, the only way to resolve this is to Reset your Rewards.

You go to SettingsRewardsManage Brave RewardsReset.

I’ll point to it and circle it in my own screenshot:

Once you click on that, it opens this screen:

You then click on Reset, as I circled and drew arrows pointing.

Doing that, opens up where you can hit Reset once more, but in the red/orange color instead.

The, just to make sure it wasn’t on accident, you’ll be prompted once more, asking if you want to reset it.

Once you go through that, your Rewards will be reset. The page will bring you to the default, where you can start earning Rewards. This is because when you Reset, you’re starting over. You’ll go through everything and select your country.

I honestly don’t think I chose a different country on purpose, but my browser has BAT, is there no way to back them up? Will they all go?


It’s not easy to “accidentally” choose the wrong country.

Step 1
It would show like this, where you would need to select country.

Photos 12_5_2022 17_52_34

Step 2
You would then choose a country from the list.

Step 3
You would then need to confirm your choice by hitting Continue.

New Tab - Brave 12_2_2022 11_28_16

To “accidentally” click on Canada instead of Turkey and then click continue, what are the chances?

They will disappear.

As to official answer, you can see it here:

Thanks for the answer. I’m not the only one using the device I’m using and someone else has probably reinstalled Brave. I did not encounter the language selection screen, and even if I did, I wouldn’t be illogical to choose “CA”. If there is no solution other than reset, I will try this.

By the way, my website is showing as unverified even though it is verified. I never get any tips. Can you help with this?

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You’re talking about Creators? There’s actually ongoing fix to this.

That said, you can always submit a Creator’s Support Ticket just to be on the safe side, so if your issue is different they might be able to handle that as well.

And yeah, country selection you mean. With the newest update to Brave, it is making everyone choose which country they live in. Then in order to connect to Uphold, your account with Uphold must be the same country you selected in Rewards. This will play a bigger part in the future, but this is a first step.

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Yes thank you, I had to reset it and my balance is gone (unfortunately).

If the rules are so strict about this, I will be more careful about the device I use.

Yeah, it stinks. But it’s been done because of people who have been trying to cheat the system by claiming to be in places like United States or Canada when they really were in India, Philippines, Turkey, or wherever else.

So the first step is to try to “force” people to be more honest. That said, it’s not completely locking to country, yet.

The next step which is coming is deciding how they want to handle things for people who use VPN.

Option #1
It will pause Rewards while using VPN and you won’t earn until VPN is turned off. In order for ads to appear and you to earn from those ads, your Locale and IP will have to match the country you chose (and the country you chose must match your Uphold)

Option #2
You will continue to see ads regardless of your Locale and/or IP address. Instead ads will be provided to you based on the country you have been Verified with through Uphold and the country you chose in the browser.

There may be other alternatives, but those are the two primary thoughts. No idea when they will proceed to that. But it’s all to limit fraud and to properly show the correct ads to people.

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Yes, I understand and I completely agree with you on this. I hope you find a permanent solution to this problem by considering honest users too, before introducing a general restrict on any country due to some “spoofers”.

I was not able to get verification because it said my region is not supported

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