I cannot play videos on France24 website from Brave Browser

Since last few days, I am not able to play any videos from the news website France24 when I browse it through Brave Browser. I was able to play it in the past. This is happening only since last few days. I am able to play the videos from other browsers like Chrome, Mozzilla etc. Any help is appreciated.
Here is one example

For now, Shields off, Remove cookies and Reload the page, video will play now.

I have the same problem on the English page france24 but I also have the other problem france24 in Spanish and neither page can play the videos and live videos. france24 spanish freezes when scrolling down and the videos cannot be played either web compatibility problems Cc:@fanboynz could you take a look please thank you

Also, as I said in my previous comment, I can’t slide down and the page freezes with the shield up, but when I deactivate Brave Shields it works. Here is my screenshot and the link to the page

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