I cannot open attachments at all on AOL using Brave Browser. Please help!

Someone asked this question a month ago and there is no answer. This is very frustrating. It suddenly stopped working and I can’t find any info on what might be wrong. Please contact me with steps I can take at Laura_Marcos@aim.com.


  1. You need to put questions in proper category. You click where I have shown in blue and then choose category, such as Browser Support.

  1. You need to provide information that appears in the template when you go to ask a question. For example, template for yours would be:

Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced?

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:

  1. Questions and all information need to be in the body of your topic, not in your Title.

  2. Nobody is going to send you an email. In fact, you shouldn’t share your email or any such personal information on this site.

And part of what’s needed for Additional Information is for you to be as specific as you can. For example:

  • You say cannot open attachments but is it all types of attachments, only photos, only excel, or what?

  • You mention on AOL. I’m guessing though you mean their email, but are you accessing it directly through their website or where are you receiving it?

  • Have you tried checking things like your settings in brave://settings/downloads?

  • What happens when you try to open attachments?

When we have extremely vague posts, nobody can help you. And we don’t want to sit here asking a million questions just to try to help you. So please, provide all information whenever you seek help.

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