I am missing rewards?

had saved up a total of 14.00 bat and was waiting on my payout on dec7. On dec7 all rewards were gone and even my statement from november and before are either cleared or less than what they were. Just got an email saying i was credited bat to my account but when I checked it is just the bat for dec7 with a clear statement. missing my 14.00 bat. any ideas? unfortunately I do not have a screenshot of the 14.00 that had been waiting to be claimed.
Annotation 2021-12-09 004749

screenshots would be useful

Yes they would and if i had known this was going to happen i would’ve had some before everything happened. I can take some of what i can see now but that’s not useful to you as i don’t have proof of my claim correct?

I edited the post. it will only let me put 4 so.

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