Family Safe Internet = impossible with Brave / Tor

Hi Guys,

I really like Brave and the work you are doing.

However, in your rush to develop your privacy & ad features you’ve forgotten a most important issue - who’s looking out for the kids? How is Brave making life better for Parents and or safer for Kids?

When you bundle Tor with Brave it makes it impossible to enforce a Family Safe Internet environment, at home, at school, at work…without blocking Brave.

Also, I’ve seen some of your windows registry hacks to disable Tor - this will not suffice. Any solution that requires installing anything is not going to work.

Please consider a DNS type solution that when Brave is unable to contact let’s say then the Tor feature is not available.

Note that I use Tor myself from time to time and I recognize it’s value. I’m not talking about blocking Tor outright, but putting barriers in the path of users accessing it. Kids do not care about Tor - unless it’s right under their noses begging to be clicked like it is in Brave.

I develop Internet security routers for families / schools and I would be happy to test this for you.


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To confirm, your children (or whomever you’re trying to account for) know about/have been accessing Tor to bypass security measures and see sites deemed inappropriate?

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If you block, it will block the download of the Tor daemon. Since we don’t bundle the Tor daemon with the browser (it’s downloaded the first time you use that feature), that will fully disable Tor tabs.


Thanks fmarier, that works.

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