I am donating my laptop. How to remove Brave and Brave wallet from it?

I am donating my current laptop, and before doing that want to remove Brave browser as well as the Brave wallet that I see when using the Brave browser. Please let me know how to do this without the next user of the laptop ever getting access to my Brave wallet.

Thank you!

Vid K

If you encrypt your hard drive, you don’t have to do anything… just reformat and clean install your os and sell/donate away…


Actually it is not that tough to do it. Just follow all of the steps that megaspaz told you about and it must be ok. I will be migrating to a new laptop soon so i also need to find out how i could actually migrate every single thing from the actual one to the new one. After that i guess i will remove the hard and the ssd, as i don’t want to lose all the info in case my new one will get broken. When i bought the new laptop, i got the recommendation from the guys at https://gadgetguide.in, they actually helped me to find the best choice for my requirements.

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