HTTPS not working?

Not private: HTTPS not working on a library site, https works in Safari but NOT BRAVE???

More problems than browser is worth, not secure from hackers at ALL!

@TheG actually it seems to be something related to how the website is built. The behavior is the same for both browsers. For example:


If I just type

If type in


If I just type

If type in

So both browsers are working the same and HTTPS is working. And Brave is doing its part by making sure you know the web address you typed in is NOT secure. It’s warning you and making sure you pay attention and get to the right address.

That said, we do need to tag in @Mattches and @fanboynz to ask why it’s not automatically loading on HTTPS when we have that setting enabled:

Can you tell me what version of Brave you’re using on your iOS device?

Latest from iOS App Store .

After some digging, it looks like this is due to the way that HTTPS upgrades are implemented on iOS — namely that they use the WebKit/WKWebView upgradeKnownHostsToHTTPS property rather than our own implementation, as on Desktop/iOS.

We have an open issue to make it parity with the way auto-HTTPS updates work on desktop/Android: