HTML 5 - Attribut "noreferrer"


The “noreferrer” attribute introduced by HTML 5 protects the privacy of my visitors by prohibiting the Referrer’s sending to the servers of the sites visited.

This helps prevent things like the constitution of [clickstream] (Clickstream - « Flux de clics » - Surveiller chaque internaute).

This makes it possible to lute against Tracking followed by Profiling (and, in the context of advertising agencies, against Behavioral Marketing, but there are many other followers who track us for a whole lot of other very different reasons and sometimes very dark).

The question is :

Does Brave recognize and react to the attribute “noreferrer” and how (fields referrer emptied, obfuscated, fake,…)

An internal HTML link will be written:

<a title="Opt-Out DAA" href="" target="_top">Opt-Out DAA</a>

An external HTML link (outgoing) will be written:

<a title="externalsite" rel="noreferrer" href="" target="_blank>External site</a>


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