Clicked on search engine link to download page and was redirected to promoted URL

Description of the issue:

  1. Searched for ‘brave browser’ in
  2. The second non-promoted link was to
  3. I clicked on it and was taken to:

This was done in Firefox, with no history of being on YouTube, and without any other browsing in that tab. Looking at the JS at the bottom of the page, you have code to check the referrer and then put that info in local storage. I checked the browser’s localstorage and indeed, the code ‘NOU071’ was there.
I didn’t see any other third party JS on the page, so, I don’t know if one of the libs on is compromised?
I could not reproduce the issue. I’m really just highlighting this in case you see any other person posting info about this behavior. Also, I couldn’t find a youtube channel by the name listed. See screenshot.
Maybe it’s innocent – but it’s bloody bizarre.

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