How to View your passwords requirng "Screenlock"

Description of the issue:
I’m using an HP Chromebook, it seems that I have to set a screen lock to view my saved passwords. However, when I set the screen lock, it just locks my screen. Perhaps I’m ignorant, but I feel like it should just show me my passwords. I’m the only one viewing it in person, maybe HP or google is watching via “Big brother” means, but I doubt it. I just need a saved password to access a site using the Chrome browser.
Additionally, I am using a laptop, but I had to download the app from the play store. I suppose it operates like it is an Android cellphone. So maybe I need to use it as an Android. Either way, it’s aggravating. Please, advise if able.

OS: Android 9; Build/R93-14092.66.0
App. Version: Brave 1.28.106, chromium 92.0.4515.159
Additional Information:


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