How to translate a web page in private mode?

Hi All,

Latest DDG on Win7x64. Is it possible to do this w/o enabling my Google Translate extension in private mode?



Not sure how DDG comes into the picture.

But one thing you can do is just go to and paste in the URL you want translated. It should give you a result with a link to the translated version of the page. (At least, it has done so in the few times I’ve tried it.)

Not looking to translate a word or URL, but the entire current page. Obviously I can do this with Google Translate in a normal browser, but not in a private browser - unless - extensions are enabled for private browsing. The disclaimer for this indicates Google will track you even using private or even tor browser. Don’t want that…

Duck Duck Go’ing indicates DDG has a translation option, but I cannot find out where/how to use it.


I would avoid using google extensions if you’re trying to avoid being tracked. Just use the webpage to translate, shields will protect you from the trackers.

Just use the webpage to translate

The question is: How do I do that?


When I need to translate a url or text, I’ll just open

Maybe no the most convenient compared to an extension, but it is less tracking.

I don’t think you quite followed what I was suggesting. Did you try it?

If you have a site you’d like translated, paste the URL of that site into

Works perfectly fine in a private window.

I’m sure it works just fine. Trouble is, Google tracks everything, doesn’t matter if you’re in a private window or a tor window. I’m just trying to stay away from that…


Oh ok, so you’re trying to avoid Google Translate entirely? Initially I thought you just meant you wanted to avoid using their extension in your Private windows.

In that case, not sure. If there’s another translation service out there then I’m sure it would work fine.

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