How secure/private is Google Translate Plugin?

When you use Chrome it senses that a page is not in your chosen language and offers to translate it for you. This means that Google is reading every page you open. My question is does the Google Translate extension do the same within Brave?

If it is, you are pretty much giving up the privacy and security that we are using Brave for in the first place.

Is there anyway to confirm that the extension is just reading the pages we explicitly ask it to translate?

When you choose to install the plugin, it warns that Google Translate can “read and change all your data on the websites you visit.” If you install software that can read your information, it’s not an issue with Brave. Many browser extensions are a privacy risk, and they should be avoided if you’re concerned.

In your Brave settings, you can disable the translation:

brave://settings/languages, then Language > “Offer to translate languages”

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So I’ve done more research and a recent version on Brave has added a switch in the Extension details screen that allows you to control whether a plugin can see every page or only when you click the extension button. Changing it tp ‘On Click’ should keep Brave secure, but you have to know to go there.


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