How to switch device?

I want to switch device to the new laptop I got.
And after data backup, I will format my old laptop completely and scrap it.
But, when I install brave on my new laptop and logged in, the estimated earnings is not correct.

From my old device:

And even, where to get my default referral link…?
I added some channels, for each channel there is a different referral link generated.
But, what about the default one?

This is the default one I got earlier, but where can I see this now in the brave?

Referral link is visible on your publishers account

Yesterday when I login to publishers first time, I got a default referral link without adding any channel.
That one I saved.
But where to check that again.

And also what about the earnings lost due to device switch, how to retrieve them back?

This referral link is not visible now in publishers page, but still page is active if launch url

I don’t know If you get default referral link because referral links are generated after your channel be it YouTube, Reddit, twitch, twitter is added to publishers account
I didn’t got any default referral link
Maybe you would have added it to different publishers account linked to other email id

And this page will always be active in fact you add anything to ?ref=" " it will redirect you to brave download page but if it is indeed your referral code that download will be considered your referral or else not

Ok, can you provide answer my other question also.

I installed brave on another device as I want to scrap my old system. But , the new one, not showing the estimated earnings, which is still showing in the old device.

If it is synced, I can scrap my machine.Please help.

It should match up the estimated earnings
I guess wait for couple days
I use Linux and windows on same machine and someday I switch back and forth depending on my workload it differs but have synced in couple days for me most of times

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