I have a question!

Yesterday I downloaded Brave through my referral link on my second laptop on my publisher account it counted as well.

Now my question is, is it ok if I login to my publisher account on that laptop? Will it detect as a illigal activity?


Bro it’s just a webpage (publishers account).

You can open it where ever you want. Device might be a phone, laptop, desktop, IPad etc.

It doesn’t matter where you open it.

I meant if I login to my publisher account to my referral-ed browser.

Because I have seen some apps with referral system, they ban account if we open the main account from which we referred the device we logged in!!! (idk it makes sense or not)

Example : I have publisher account named “John” so I generated referral link through John and downloaded the browser on my second laptop named “Justin” so will it trigger the anti-cheat system if I login John into Justin?

I’m a developer myself and I have built this kind of anti-cheat systems and to track whether the referral is successful or not the system collects IP address + Device Info + Last opened + system is virtual or not + device is rooted etc. necessary information and to catch the fraud mental activity the system checks if the referral has logged into the same account from which the referral link was generated so if the system finds out the the device is different but the account is same logged then it will not give the referral reward or it will temporarily ban the account. (This mentioned method is my personal, this is how I catch cheaters and it works) (I have worked with vmate, Injoy, EarnMoney and helo. I have worked with them on similar anti-cheat systems.)

I believe Brave just checks if the user has used the browser for 30 days continually or not. Still I just wanted to make sure.

I know every system is not the same and digging through brave policies and referral program I did not find any thing related to my question.

Also I’m afraid cause there are many user’s publisher account getting suspend because of referrals. (Not sure is it because of referrals)

I know the staff team will not share this type of information with anyone because people will find a way to bypass it, still just let me know is it ok to login to my publisher account on my referred browser.

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I think it should be fine! The referral software package (Brave_Installer_xxx123.exe) may just contain a code to verify if the user has used the browser for 30 days continuously or not.

I’m not entirely sure.

I understood you concern. But did you find any related to this in T&C policy of brave. ??

A web page can be opened anywhere anytime. There shouldn’t be any trace of where you downloaded the browser.

If you want to open publishers account, then you can open it in chrome (In Justin’s pc) as per your above example.

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that’s the case I really hope so

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