The link to recommend the page does not appear

I do not see the link so that I can recommend the page and that they can register. I don’t see anything and I have registered the wallet and added YouTube.

you mean the referal link ?

Yes it dont appear. I have confirmed and put tweeter and youtube. But i dont see the refferal link

check this

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Bad news for me. I cant win money now. I a pity you have to uninstall t Since I can’t have this linkhe browser. Gracias por su respuesta. Un saludo

you still can get paid for ads and also users of your site/channel can tip you


It is not the same to be able to earn 5 or 7 dollars multiplied by the acquaintances that I have in Spain and Switzerland. that only a few Bat per use … not worth it and nothing to do

sorry for that man and have a nice day