How to stream local video files from your computer to the tv through Brave?

I’m trying to use Brave as my default browser for everything. I hope I can even uninstall Chrome. But I’m still having issues with two important things: first, the Instapaper extension, for which I’ve opened this thread.

Second: to stream videos from my computer (local files) to my tv/Chromecast, with Chrome I use the app. I can’t make it work with Brave though, and I wasn’t able to find yet another app/add-on that could replace the function and will work with Brave.

Any recommendations? Cheers!

Just to make it more clear: I do not want to stream my entire desktop, just the video from a certain file per time. I don’t want to mirror my screen or anything like that :slight_smile:

Hello @42piratas

make sure this is enabled Media Router here brave://settings/extensions

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Hey @justsomeone1. Thanks for the input!

Yes, my Media Router is enabled and I can stream for example youtube videos, Netflix etc. But the problem in this case is how to stream local video files (e.g. AVI files located in my notebook).

you very welcome @42piratas

i did not used those feature but when you play the local video file in brave does it load correctly in your mac then what happen when you try to prodcast it to your tv

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Hi again @justsomeone1!

From your question, I’m not sure how one would “play the local video file in brave”. I’ve even tried for the very first time simply dragging an .AVI file to a empty tab to see what would happen, but that didn’t work.

On Chrome, you can open a video file using the add-on. Simply opening the file with Google Chrome only doesn’t seem to work either (it will "download’ the video).

So I’m curious: how would you open a video file with Brave?

Thanks again for your support!

Hello @42piratas

that what i meant so looks like the file type is not supported by the default encoder in brave and you can do the same thing in chrome also

by the way does disable the shield make a difference

and you welcome and have a nice day :slight_smile:

I see your point and you’re certainly right. I certainly could have made a better question.

My point is: with Chrome, we can use certain add-ons that allow us to use the browser to be a mean to stream local video files to devices such as Chromecast. I wasn’t able to use any of these add-ons on Brave though.

I’m aware neither Chrome nor Brave is a video player by itself (actually a few formats might work, but with not that much flexibility), so I’m looking for a way to do with Brave the same I was able to do with Chrome, i.e. streaming from the browser to my Chromecast, either using a specific add-on (which one?) or with any other type of solution or workaround.

Any help will be appreciated.


you question was in the right place since the option was available in chrome you guess it should work also in brave

so let me ask someone of the team to check this but please notice it still weekend soo it will take time to get response

could you check if that option available in brave or not @Aa-ron @eljuno @fmarier

also @42piratas try to contact the ads-on site so maybe they have solution for that

and have a nice day for everyone :slight_smile:

@justsomeone1 Again, thank you very much for your help. Highly appreciate it.

And I’ll get in touch with the add-on team as well, sure!

you very welcome @42piratas

So here’s the answer from

“Unfortunately Videostream only works with Google Chrome. Take care!”

In hope of an alternative now :sweat:

sorry for that and looks like they use some service that only include in chrome which not part of the chromium core code

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

<Just trying to get this thread up and hopefully getting someone from the core team’s attention :slight_smile: >

Have you tried

@aaron_Canada Thanks for sharing, I wasn’t aware of it.

It didn’t work entirely for me, but maybe I’m doing something wrong. I’m curious: do you use it yourself?

Issues I found:

  • Can’t find an option to stream from Brave to Chromecast (my biggest need).
  • Doesn’t support all video files, e.g. .AVI files don’t work.


I had the same question/issue today. Recently I switched from Chrome to Brave and the experience has been amazing, however… it would be great if the team could look into a workaround…

I can’t find a way to stream files easily from my computer to chromecast as I did with the videostream extension on Chrome,


While I understand the desire to do this, it seems like a bit of an unnecessary step to do this. Adding another layer of complexity between the file and target streaming device is never ideal. I would personally recommend using something like VLC media player or the built in/default casting options to cast local files to your Chromecast/Chromecast enabled device.

@Mattches To be entirely honest, I wasn’t aware VLC is able to stream to Chromecast. Just tested and indeed it works, although a bit poor yet.

And I’m curious: what do you mean by “built in/default casting options”?

Ref. your logic, though, VLC is also “another layer”, there’s no difference between having VLC or Videostream as the medium.

Hello @42piratas

VLC does not require another app

but Videostream require chrome browser plus phone

maybe he mean the air play option i do not have mac so my info is so little about it

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile: